Diamax Food

Since Diamax was founded in 2014, our company has experienced steady growth in terms of market reach, supplier and customer relationships. With a strong reputation in the industry, we take pride in offering professional and personalized services, backed by the expertise and network of our founders.

Our priority is food safety and customer satisfaction, which has allowed us to establish solid and long-lasting relationships based on transparency, trust, and integrity.

All members of Diamax share a set of values that enable the company to grow hand in hand with our customers.


Commitment to excellence in product selection, storage, and distribution processes, ensuring freshness and food safety at all times.

Customer service

Personalized attention focused on the needs of our customers, and willingness to provide efficient and effective solutions for their demands and requirements.


Commitment to compliance with industry standards and regulations, as well as to the environment and society at large.


Constantly seeking new opportunities and solutions to improve the quality of the service offered, process efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


Fostering a collaborative and cooperative environment among employees, suppliers, and customers to achieve the company’s common goals.


Maintaining high ethical standards and honesty in all business relationships and decision-making processes.